Companies communicate in diverse ways with different stakeholders from employees to suppliers up to customers. Thereby the choice of the right communication channels, like in a marketing strategy, matters. I will assist you in both, internal and external communication:


As mastermind and consultant, I will help you with an optimal external communication using an effective marketing mix. To achieve this, I am teaming up with you to develop a customer oriented business strategy. Starting with a market analysis, I am helping you with scaling up your online marketing including SEO and SEA and goal centered use of customer-relationship-management (CRM).

Communication channels

Based on a target analysis I will determine specific approaches to communicate through your channels.

Depending on the analysis results, there are several ways to communicate, like from classical or online marketing to the creation of content (e.g. broschures or films).


Besides the external communication, the internal communication is also an important part of your company’s daily business. Only when the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, a company can become successful. In an agile as well as a traditional environment, I will support you and your team as a scrum master, conflict manager and team builder with individual tailored processes and tools for constantly improving your way of working.

Processes and tools

Processes and tools are not only important for big or already established companies. Start-Ups or small to medium businesses are facing new challenges in the areas of growing or digitization, too.

I will help you with processes and tools via Change Management to structure new technologies or employees and solve problems.

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