"Identifying chances instead of Bullshit Bingo"

Business development, IT strategy, digitalization are important topics, no questions asked.
However, one does not throw around empty words but analyze, plan and implement purposefully instead.
That's why I work as business analyst, strategist and implementer. But what does that even mean?

Business Analyst

Central element of every organization and their context is a human being.
Therefore, every analyzing starts with the various human beings, their goals and how they interact with each other.

Requirements Engineering

Which requirements must be fullfilled by the solution?

Quite often, the process lacks an interdisciplinary and deep contemplation which results in incomplete requirements documentations.

Part of it: Cyclic processes are necessary in order to re-evaluate the circumstances periodically.

Usability Engineering

What must solutions look like in order to be implemented best in their context?

Usability design doesn't stop at the layout of a button, but only starts there: Creating entire workflows or journeys is a major challenge.

Attention: Gut decisions are made easy, but do not always lead to the desired result.


A transformation doesn't succeed overnight, a strategy is needed.
Depending on the context, strong points of orientation such as clear descriptions of objectives or role models are necessary.

Process Optimization

Is this all about cost cutting only?

Processes are not only important for big or established enterprises.

While following processes, employees should have time for their key tasks and set the customer in their focus. Friction loss or activities past the customer's benefit will be minimized.

Don't worry: Digitalization doesn't automatically mean to cut personnel.

Business Development

How to create potential?

In addition to optimizing existing business areas, another strategic objective is the development of new business models.

Depending on the individual alignment, both horizontal (diversification) as well as vertical (specialization) developments are desirable.

The following applies: It's not about digital approaches exclusively. Often, the connection of both worlds is decisive.


What value has a plan in the pipeline which is not carried out?
By making use of the available resources, the goal is to operate at optimum efficiency and to create maximum value.

Change Management

How does change succeed?

The implementation of new software, operation modes or basic attitudes requires not only time and money but foremost patience and a sense of responsibility.

Important: Any change, no matter how small, can mean a big impact for someone else.

Project Management

How does all this become value?

Aligned on the strategic vision, all stakeholders participate in the implementation. For that common goal, the right tools and methods will be chosen individually.

Objective reached: No matter if direct or indirect, the customer benefit is in the focus.

How can I assist you?

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