From conception to production. Since over five years I am dealing with different kinds of media productions, always with the strive for perfection. Today I can look back on many projects in the areas film and photo productions and web applications. I am using my skills, acquired in studies and practice, to create qualitative media solutions.


Today a website must be more than just a homepage to support a company in the best way. Web applications offer more possibilities to integrate the different stakeholders and negotiate parts or even the overall business. As an expert in the area User Centered Design with focuses on service architecture and fronted-development I know which aspects of structuring and designing web applications are important. Workmanlike and with well-trained eyes I will help you and your team with your applications!


Every application needs different skills and techniques.
With experience of several years in a diverse set of technologies, frameworks and platforms, I will create your application for your unique use case.
  • HTML, CSS (Less, Sass), JavaScript (JQuery, Angular)
  • Ionic, WebComponents
  • NodeJS, PHP
  • SQL, Firebase

Mobile First

By virtue of raised demand, mobile applications are in focus of various providers.

Structuring my work "Mobile First", I will create optimized user experiences for your customers or employees.

Film and photo

Key aspect of good public relations is to communicate in authentic ways to your stakeholders. To succeed in this field, well designed and produced film- and photographic content is needed. As producer I will concept and create works specifically tailored on you. With highest quality standards due to high-grade equipment, long-standing experience and always full commitment.

"Sweet But Tasteless"2017

Sweet but Tasteless is a short film about a girl that is stuck in her daily routine. She doesn’t feel comfortable and fulfilled by the things she is doing. She feels lonely with this problem.

The film was created as an entry to the My RØDE Reel competition 2017. Thanks to the whole team!
You can watch the film here.

"Including school"2016

The film shows the multifaceted world of an including first class and draws a spotlight on core areas of the pupils' learning and living together: birthdays, physical education, music, food and playing games just like normal - without neglecting the individual needs of each pupil.
You can watch the film in German on

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